Modifiable examples with default styles.

Range Sliders

Range Sliders
Start without params
Set min value, max value and start point
Showing grid and adding prefix "$"
Set up range and step
Set up range with negative values
Using step 250
Using fractional step
Using custom values array
Set up you own numbers
Using any strings as your values
One more example with strings
Prettify visual look of numbers
Big numbers are ugly and unreadable
Prettify enabled. Much better!
Use anything you like!
Use your own prettify function!
Decorating numbers
Using prefixes
Using postfixes
Show that max number
Use decorate_both option:
Remove double decoration
Use your own separator symbol. Like →
Or " to ":
Visual details
You can disable all visual details.
Or hide any part you wish
And some more
And some more
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