Modifiable examples with default styles.

Explore Quadra Elements

Infographics & Icons


Useful accordions with different styles and colors.


Age Verify

You can verify age for your website. And you can set age limit, exit URL, count time for exit .etc options easily!.


Classic and functional alerts with jQuery support. You can find a lot of color and style options.

Gradient Animations

Made with CSS and simply Javascript support. You can use easily gradient effect animations on videos or images.

Animated Headings

YYour headings can load esthetically. There is simply customization and a lot of examples.

Animated Images

You can animate images, icons or all another elements with only animate classes.

Animation Types

A lot of animation types ready to use on all elements.


Audio Player

Ready to use Re-designed and clean coded audio plugin for your tracks.

Background Changer

You can select background colors of your fixed element(s) for each section.

Before&After Module

A great plugin for show differents on two elements. You can use it with two types.


Bootstrap and re-styled ready to use blockquotes.



Creative and useful boxes with images or icons. You can edit them or create your own designs easily.


Different sizes, colors, hovers and animations. You can choose or create your own unique designs.

Call To Actions

There is a lot of designed and classic bootstrap blockquotes ready to use.


Create your carousels without javascript or css codes. There is all options on the "data" attribute. Cols, sizes, speeds, auto-play and a lot of options for each carousel.


Clients logos on classic column types or carousels with superb easy customize.



You can use awesome 50+ charts module with data options. There is ready to use 50+ examples.


You can use Bootstrap columns or Quadra's simple columns with only one class. Also, you can give them same width or height with one class too.


Counters are usable for boxes, in texts or coming soon pages.

Data Tables

Classic&Simple data tables for create your lists and tables.


A lot of divider modules with super easy customizable seperators.


Super easy use and a lot of modules with backgrounds, colors, borders or sizes.


Form Elements

A large collection with form elements. They are have awesome plugins and re-designable for your wishes easily.

Form Validations

Double type for validation. Google Re-captcha is ready to use or there is beautiful math captcha too.


Gradient Texts

You can give gradient effects or background images for texts with easily. Also those gradients or backgrounds can animate.


A lot of and super customizable headings with typography options, sizes, colors, divider or title brackets.



You can give points to your images easily. They will be super responsive to all devices.

Icon Navigation

Usable for filters or navigate on multi-page or one page demos. Also there is really unlimited animations with scroll. You can choose scroll position or sections for animates.


Font Awesome and Line icons in tables, just choose and use.



Creative boxes with icons and unlimited hover & animations. And you can create your own types easily. They are created without css codes!



You do not have to add Access token or any Client ID. Just add your username and it is ready! You can see example module for Instagram and Twitter in the features navigation. Also those modules can be slider with just ".slider" class!


Classic Labels for different sizes and colors. Just choose and use.


Quadra is have an awesome lightbox plugin. This plugins has opportunities like zoom, download, slideshow, and social networks.


Examples for styled lists or Bootstrap types. Also there is simply options for colors and sizes.


Loading animations with CSS. Animated Gifs, and icons. There is creative and unique loading effects with simply use.


Simplified options for Google maps. A lot of types for styles, positions and markers.



Quadra fixed modal(QFM), cookie modals, notices .etc super easy to use and customize. You can add portfolios, sliders in those modals.


Overlap Images

You can use all animations for each image and edit the shadows, image positions, borders .etc options add elements like vectors.

Pricing Tables

A lot of types for pricing tables. You can use images or videos on them.

Process Steps

Creative types for steps. And there is a lot of button types for steps.

Progress Bars

Creative and clean designed progress bars for your skills.

Range Slider

A great plugin for filtering and values. You can use them easily on sidebars or shop pages.


There is a great plugin for ratings. You can use them with different animations&modules like strips, bars or stars.

Responsive Visibility

There is a class table for visibilities. You can hide&show your elements on different sized devices.

Rotate Boxes

Boxes with 3D rotating effects. You can edit them easily and add your images too.


Parallax Sections

3 different awesome parallax plugins included to Quadra. You can give parallax effects to backgrounds and elements to every direction and you can edit speeds easily.

Sidebar - Bottom Type

Awesome UI Sidebar, bottom type. You can edit the details easily and you can choose the direction with left, right top or bottom classes.

Sidebar - Left Type

Awesome UI Sidebar, Left type. You can edit the details easily and you can choose the direction with left, right top or bottom classes.

Sidebar - Right Type

Awesome UI Sidebar, right type. You can edit the details easily and you can choose the direction with left, right top or bottom classes.


Sidebar Styled

There is an example for some styles on UI Sidebar.

Sidebar - Top

Awesome UI Sidebar, bottom type. You can edit the details easily and you can choose the direction with left, right top or bottom classes.

Social Buttons

A lot of social button types, sizes, hovers and animations.

Step Wizard

An awesome plugin is here. There is clean design and options for steps.

Sticky Items

A detailed plugin for sticky elements to containers.



Stunning effects, clean designs and a lot of examples for tabs.


Useful testimonial examples on sections and parallax images.

Text Rotators

You can use all animations with the text rotator. Also there is simply editing with ".data" attribute options


Clean and useful timeline&history examples for your company and clients.


Simply toggles for your selections. There is unlimited color options and styles.


Tooltips and Popovers. You can use them with creative animations and videos&images inside them.

Tour Wizard

An awesome plugin for steps on your website. This plugins is working with cookies.

Twitter Feed

You do not have to add any Client ID or Access Token. Just add your username and OK. You can use your tweets in carousel with only ".slider" class.


A super typeahead plugin for your selections. And this plugins is customizable super easy.

Video Backgrounds

You can use easily video backgrounded sections. And there is supports for Vimeo, Youtube and local videos.


Video Players

A stunning HTML5 video player is here. It supports Vimeo, Youtube and Local videos.


You can add a wishbox on your website. Also there is ready a customized php script for this page.

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