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Looking for an exciting way to keep your kids active this summer? Look no further than our Summer Tennis program! Our junior classes offer so much more than just a chance to learn the game - we create an environment that encourages teamwork, confidence, physical fitness, and sportsmanship. Whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned player, we guarantee they'll come away with important lessons and skills that will serve them both on and off the court. So why not join us this summer and get in on the fun?

We offer the appropriate balls, equipment and court size to encourage immediate success, no matter what level or experience. Come Play and have Fun! 

SUMMER 2023 (MAY 30 - JUNE 26, 2023)

MINI-SHOTS (Ages 4 - 5)

Young children learn basic elements of tennis, and work on coordination skills while having fun.

4:00—4:30 pm  Wednesday - 1x week:

4:00—4:30 pm  Wednesday - 2x week:


RED BALL (Ages 5 - 10)

Children learn to serve, rally and play on the 36’ court using red balls. They progress through the program and work on movement, balance, basic strokes and how to rally. From there, they play points and learn to direct and control the ball. Children are taught the rules and etiquette of tennis.

4:30—5:30 pm Monday or Wednesday - 1x week:

4:30—5:30 pm Monday & Wednesday - 2x week (25% DISCOUNT):



These players make the transition from 36” court and move quickly and efficiently with good balance. They refine effective swing shapes with the use of spin and build cross-court and down the line groundstroke ex- changes. They work on footwork patterns and learn how to make tactical decisions during play

4:30—6:00 pm Tuesday or Thursday - 1x week:

4:30—6:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday - 2x week (reduced rate):

4:30—6:00 pm Monday and/or Wednesday Advanced Orange ball (coach placement)


YELLOW BALL (Ages 12 - 16)

These players are working to be proficient in all aspects of the game. Must be motivated to work on a wide range of skills – footwork, groundstrokes, shot selection etc., and have a proficient 1st and 2nd serve. These players are preparing for a smooth transition into the RHG.


Players are grouped by ability for either M/W OR T/TH. Coaches establish groups based on skill levels.

Monday/Wednesday – 2 hour program
4:30—6:30 pm:
$172/MEMBERS, $200/NON-MEMBERS - 1x week
$295/MEMBERS, $342/NON-MEMBERS - 2x week


Tuesday/Thursday – 1½ hour program
4:30—6:00 pm:
$98/MEMBERS, $123/NON-MEMBERS - 1x week
$180/MEMBERS, $216/NON-MEMBERS - 2x week



Admittance into this group by invitation only and requires initial consultation with coaches, parents, and players. These tournament players are committed athletes who are seeking an inspiring training environment to develop tennis, character and friendships in a team setting.



Returning students will be placed in the appropriate groups by the coaching staff. New students will be evaluated by the coaching staff and will then be placed in the appropriate group.                                                  


ONLY classes cancelled due to weather will be made-up. TLC provides a coach/student ratio at all times and is not responsible for making up classes missed by students’ due to personal schedule conflicts.


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